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One-to-one Lessons 

What are our lessons like?

Lessons take place using an interactive whiteboard link on a computer and tutors will call students directly through that link. No special software needs to be downloaded. Students can see and hear their tutor loud and clear, and the interactive whiteboard is used as an interface between tutor and student. Through the interactive whiteboard, your tutor will be able to interact with your child as if there is a screen in front of them that they can both see and write on, just like a whiteboard in a classroom. However, our interactive whiteboard is much more advanced as pictures, PDF's, Powerpoints and exam questions can be loaded on to the platform and are fully interactive. This is not something that is possible on other online video calling services such as Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Further to this, everything written on the interactive whiteboard is saved and can be accessed outside of lesson, and even downloaded as a PDF so it can be accessed anytime, on any device  offline. We offer online tutoring for all science based subjects and exam boards. 

Online Tutoring: Inner_about

To speak to someone before booking, please call us on 020 3231 1044.

To book directly without speaking to someone, please use the direct booking options below:

Booking Options

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