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Tutoring with JGM Science Tutors

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Why Join us?

Since starting in 2017, we are proud to have brought some amazing teachers to the team. More than just attract great teachers to work with us, we pride ourselves on having great teachers STAY with us. Out of the 87 teachers who have joined us since we first started, 80 are still with us today. We put this down to a few things: The speed and quality of clients we provide, the quality of service we provide to our tutors, and our constant fight to minimise all admin!


We are passionate about Science education, and we know there are a lot of like minded and talented Science teachers out there. However, as a science tutor it can be difficult to secure multiple, well paid tutoring clients that are a pleasure to work with, especially when parents favour spending on Maths and English over Science.


To combat this, we have a unique marketing strategy we use to acquire our clients and are very good at it. This takes the onus off of you so you only have to worry about what you do best - delivering quality lessons and watching students progress.


We are forging a reputation for ourselves so have a very stringent selection criteria. If you have qualified teacher status in the UK, are deeply passionate about your subject, committed to seeing things through, and have a track record of helping students to achieve excellence we want to hear from you.


What does the job involve?

This job involves private one-to-one tutoring for science using our online platform. You will teach lessons within your own home so there is no need for travel.

We provide tutoring assignments for Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level Science. However, you select the individual tutoring assignments you wish to take on, which can be as much or little as you like. Some tutors take on two hours per week, some tutor ten hours per week.

You will be trained on how to use the interactive whiteboard platform and how to use our systems when starting.

To see how lessons work in more detail, you can find information and videos on our lessons page by clicking here

How to Apply

If you are seeking an opportunity for rewarding, flexible and online work that can work around your schedule, please apply. To apply, please send over your CV and a brief summary of why you would like to tutor with us to

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